Our Approach: A Fee Only Financial Advisor with Custom, Personal Service

Custom Plans

We believe that our plans should help you achieve your life goals—not only your financial goals. So in our planning, we make it a point to identify how you want to live your life now and in the future, and then we develop a plan to help you reach those goals. Our plan becomes much more than a financial plan—it is a life plan.

Active Portfolio Management

Using knowledge based on fundamental and technical financial analysis, as well as our global perspective, we actively manage your investments. We support a “buy and hold” approach only in long-term (secular) bull markets. Otherwise, active management is required to help increase gains or minimize losses in the long run regardless of market gyrations. Having a broader range of investments, including individual stocks and bonds, allows for more precise opportunities for our clients’ portfolios.

Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciary in San Mateo

We are an independent and fee-only company offering a broader range of investments beyond just mutual funds and branded bank and broker funds. As a fee-only financial advisor, our income is derived from planning fees and investment management fees and not commissions on sales. A fee-only financial planner can increase compensation only when your portfolio grows. As a Registered Independent Advisor (RIA), GFG has a fiduciary responsibility to work in our clients’ best interests.

Personal Service and Communication

As an active portfolio manager, we are in frequent contact with our clients. We like to contact our clients via face-to-face meetings, by telephone and email. Regular update reports are sent via mail. We know many of our clients on a personal basis and cherish those relationships. We have many client relationships spanning 25+ years and many multi-generational clients.